Genetic Supplements PeptoPro

Genetic Supplements PeptoPro


Pepto-Pro contains Casein Hydrolysate. Hydrolysis is the process whereby something (in this case protein) is broken down into smaller units. Protein treated in this way is still of the same composition with regards to it’s amino acid profile, but is, if not more readily available for digestion. Casein Hydrolysate includes around 70-80% di and tri peptides – these (along with free form amino acids) are available for instant absorption by the body without digestion, making them perfect for increasing protein synthesis around a workout. Not only does this rapid processing make the complete spectrum of amino acids available to your muscles even whilst still training, it also means that the product doesn’t sit heavily on your stomach and cause that bloated feeling. Finally, and I don’t know what Neil and the guys are doing down at Genetic HQ, but Pepto-Pro tastes phenomenal, which is HIGHLY unusual for this product if you have tried other brands of pepto-pro.

Genetic Supplements PeptoPro® is a highly advanced dairy protein peptide formulation and contains all 20 amino acids required for muscle protein synthesis. Protein contributes to growth in muscle mass, the maintenance of muscle mass and the maintenance of normal bones, all of which the intense trainer or athlete benefits from. 

PeptoPro® delivers amino acids in the form of di-peptides & tri-peptides. These molecules are so small they need no digestion and are absorbed by the body instantly for delivery to the muscle.

PeptoPro® is virtually lactose-and fat-free and thanks to its unique processing properties, PeptoPro® is instantly and completely soluble.

When taken intra-training Genetic Supplements PeptoPro® provides an instant delivery of 'full-spectrum' amino acids to the muscles, even during high intensity exercise and boosts muscle protein synthesis during and post-exercise. Also enhancing physical performance, endurance and stamina PeptoPro®has been supported by numerous human studies to deliver across all sports.

How is this possible?

Certain amino acids are classed as being 'glucogenic', this means that they can be converted to glucose through metabolic processes, i.e. gluconeogenesis. In the case of protein hydrolysates which are digested and absorbed very rapidly, some of the glucogenic amino acids can be converted to glucose and this is linked to an insulin response. Whey protein is comparatively lower in the amino acids arginine, phenylalanine and glutamine, of which are 'glucogenic' amino acids. Casein is high in threonine, arginine and glutamine and in the total number of 'glucogenic aminos' overall. This indicates that PeptoPro®(casein hydrolysate) is more advantageous than whey in-and-around the training window. This is know as 'peri' workout nutrition.

•Accelerates recovery and stimulates post-exercise insulin secretion

•Supported by multiple human studies

•Feedback from athletes is that benefits of PeptoPro® are clear and noticeable

PeptoPro® is a strong and established brand in the world of sports nutrition

•Completely and instantly soluble, even in cold water

•Natural, healthy and safe

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